Below are just a few of our recent client testimonials. Feel free to visit our full list of client testimonials.

Tenacious Solutions, LLC
8(a) Certified (August 13, 2015)
8(a) Application Completion Service
Tariq Mehmood – CEO
“The support we received from Cloveer and Rick has been outstanding and an excellent value. Rick was reliable, insightful, candid and meticulous. The efficiencies gained from having an expert every step of the way at a very reasonable cost was well worth it and is highly recommended.

Since you were so helpful throughout this entire process, we thought it was only appropriate for you to be the first person to get the news: we’ve been accepted into the 8a program! Thank you so much for all of your help along the way. You exceeded all expectations. We wish you much continued success in what you do since you do it so well. “


Bella Information Systems, LLC
8(a) Certified (August 14, 2015)
(see approval letter)
Full 8(a) Application Completion Service
Girma Deresso
“Thank you for all the hard work I got from Cloveer, inc. You went outside of your way with my tax person & accountant to correct my paper work to go through the SBA completion process. I am glad I chose your advice and consulting firm for SBA 8(A) application. I am greatly benefited for future also how to run my small business properly with proper tax filing and proper accounting work.”

Lion Federal, LLC
8(a) Certified (July 31, 2015)
(see approval letter)
8(a) Application Completion Service
Mani Qazi – Principal
“We were referred to Cloveer by another company that became HUBZone certified with their help. The owner of the HUB-Zone company had only good things to say, so my expectations were extremely high. During the course of the entire process, I was truly impressed with the level of organization, knowledge and professionalism. They made the entire process very easy for me. Cloveer got my company into the SBA 8(a) program, and my expectations were more than met. They used the latest technology to work with me in sharing information, and were extremely responsive. I wish all companies were as catering to their customers as Cloveer was to us. I have recommended them to several friends/colleagues that were interested in their services and would recommend them to anyone.” 


SHR consulting Group, LLC
8(a) Certified (August 10, 2015)
Pre 8(a) and Full 8(a) Application Completion Service
Thomas Kurylo
“Wonderful news. SHR has been selected to participate in the 8a program. Thank you so much for everything you did to assist us with the application process. It wouldn’t have been a success without you.” 


GI Supply LLC
HUBZone Certified
HUBZone Application Completion Service
Rick Pounds – President
“Hi Monica, Just wanted to let you know that we received our HUBZone certification on Friday so I wanted to reach out and thank you for the assistance again.”


L.A. Downey & Son, Inc.
VetBiz Certified (June 29, 2015)
VetBiz Application Completion Service
William Downey
“(see approval letter)” 

VisionDirect, Inc.
HUBZone Certified
HUBZone Application Completion Service
Doug Switzer


I Tech AG, LLC
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Walter Antezana – Manager/Owner
“Rick, we got awarded our 8(a) Certification today (June 22, 2015). Thanks for all your help my friend. ” 


G & RK Consulting Associates, LLC
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Ganesh Kurse – Managing Member
“I just received approval of our 8(a) application on 6/26/2015. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. With you, the application process was smooth and you were always available to us.Thanks again. Ganesh” 


Kriaanet, inc.
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Deepali Jain
“(see approval letter).” 


C&B Strategic Consulting, Inc.
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Patrick Berkebile
“Laynita and I wanted to inform you that we have received our 8a Certification effective 6/2. This is about 2 months earlier than we had anticipated. We went through 3 small Q&A / validation exercises which was expected. In any event, thank you for your valuable insights, the videos, and the various templates. They were all crucial to our success. We are presently finalizing our business plan. If you need any success stories or testimonials please let us know.” 


Middleground Technologies, LLC
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Sagar Pandya – Manager/Owner
“Absolutely wonderful news below! Rick – Middleground would not have been able to do this without your expert assistance, we both thank you for your persistent effort and commitment to our application all these months.We are very excited to see what lies ahead.(see approval letter)”


Summit Solutions, LLC
HUBZone Certified (Certified in 90 days, 4/27/2015)
HUBZone Application Completion Service
Christopher Walker – Managing Member

Tarpan Construction, LLC
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Trudy Poret – Manager/Owner
“Guess what I got today……(see approval letter). Thank you so much for your help with my application.” 


OCT Consulting, LLC
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
Atul Kathuria – Managing Member
“Just received email from SBA indicating that we were 8a certified as of March 23, 2015. Thanks for all your help with preparing the application, being responsive to emails and available whenever we need assistance.” 


OSI Vision, LLC
8(a) Certified
8(a) Application Completion Service
8(a) Business Plan Completion Service
Dave Henderson – President
“FYI Rick. Great news and a quick response. Really appreciate all the help.” 


SynchroCyber Corporation
HUBZone Application Completion Service
James Burke – CEO
“Monica, It was a stressful process, but my HubZone was approved today.Thank you for everything!” 


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