Is Business Insurance Required to Get 8a Certified?

All business concerns who apply to become SBA 8a Certified must have general liability insurance at a minimum. If the business concern is required by its State law to carry workers compensation insurance it must carry this on its policy too.

For general liability insurance, there is no set minimum or maximum amount or limit of insurance required by the SBA to become 8a certified. We suggest that you consult with your insurance agent for advice on the proper levels and amounts of insurance for your business concern.

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The 8a Business Development Program?

The SBA 8a Business Development program was formed in 1968. The Small Business Administration is responsible for administrating the program. It got the 8(a) name from Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act. It is designed to assist small disadvantaged businesses compete within the US Economy.

A major benefit for 8a participants is access to competitive and sole source federal contracts. Each year billions of dollars of contracts are awarded to 8a Certified firms.

The 8a Business Development program focuses on providing the following:

  • Business Development support such as;
    • mentoring
    • procurement assistance
    • business counseling
    • training
    • financial assistance
    • bonding
    • management and technical assistance

Firms becoming certified by the SBA begin a nine year program term. On their annual certification day each year they must file an 8a annual update which the SBA reviews to determine if they still meet all of the 8a program requirements.

Certified firms may be awarded up to $100 million in 8a contracts throughout their nine year program participation.

The nine year program is divided into the developmental and transitional stage.

The developmental stage is the first four years of participation and helps participants overcome the economic disadvantage by providing business development support.

The transitional stage comprises the final 5 years and prepares the participants for leaving the program and competing outside of the 8a program.

You must apply to become an 8a participant and meet specific requirements. Some of the requirements are that the company must be owned and controlled by individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged. Most individuals find the complexity of the rules and regulations for applying so tough they get assistance from a company who the expertise to prepare their 8a application, such as Cloveer.

Small Business Government Contracts – for Women, Minorities, Veterans and Disadvantaged Business Owners

Each year, hundreds of thousands of small business owners around the country apply for SBA loans and SBA grants. The application processes are long, complicated, and highly selective, leaving most applicants without funding.

Unlike government grants and loans however, small business government contracts, the provisions for which are made under section 8a of the Small Business Act can give women, minorities, handicapped, service disabled veterans, and disadvantaged small business owners repeat business at no cost to them. 8a government contracts for minorities, women, handicapped, service disabled veterans, and other disadvantaged individuals are highly sought after for this reason, but complex to obtain. There are however, strategies to overcome this opposition.

Finding Contract Opportunities

There are a few key techniques for finding government contract opportunities, many of which involving simply surfing the Internet:

  • Visit the Federal Business Opportunities website at There you can search specifically for 8a contract opportunities, and have targeted opportunities sent to you via e-mail.
  • Research each federal agency’s long-range acquisition estimates (LRAE). Each major federal agency maintains a LRAE which identifies anticipated procurements upcoming that are over $100,000.
  • Contact each federal agency’s Office of Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) office. OSDBU offices ensure that small and disadvantaged businesses are provided maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the agency’s contracting process.
  • Visit the Federal Procurement Data System website. It contains information about every federal procurement that has ever taken place. The website can be found at
  • Simply arrange a meeting with the contracting officer(s) of whichever federal agency with which you would like to do business. At such a meeting, you can give an informative presentation and market your product(s)/service(s).

Unfortunately, it proves difficult to be awarded a government contract unless you’re SBA 8a certified. This is where we come in.

Getting Certified with Cloveer

The SBA 8a application process is tough, and we know it. That’s why we’re in business; we want to help women, minorities, handicapped, service disabled veterans, and disadvantaged small business owners secure 8a certification, so they are given a fair opportunity to acquire government contracts. After all, Cloveer is a minority owned business.

We having been assisting clients to obtain 8a certification and maintain their 8a program eligibility for over 14 years. As such, we know the SBA 8a program regulatory requirements, 8a standard operating procedures and Office of Hearings and Appeal cases that affect the 8a program better than 99.9% of anyone else out there. We put this experience to work each day through each of our services:

  • 8a Application Review: For those of our clients who have already prepared an application, the 8a application review service ensures that not only is your application complete, but that it is in fact 8a eligible.
  • 8a Application Completion: Many of our clients recognize the experience we have in preparing SBA 8a applications. With over 14 years and 2,000 successful application under our belts, we have quite a bit! For these customers, we offer a complete 8a application service. We will prepare everything for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.

No matter which option you choose, Cloveer guarantees that no other company will work harder or faster to assist you in getting your business SBA 8a certified. Contact us today to discover which option works best for you.