Don;t Miss Out On End of FY 8(a) Contracts

Do you have a potential or upcoming 8(a) Contract opportunity before the end of the Federal Governments FY (September 30, 2017). It is a known fact that a large portion of 8(a) contracts are awarded in the last three months of the Federal Government’s fiscal year.

Waiting to start the process of getting 8(a) Certified in late summer (July or August) is a sure way to miss out on being able to bid or to be awarded an end of fiscal year 8(a) Contract. It takes approximately 3 months for your 8(a) Application to be reviewed and processed by the SBA.

Now is the time to get your 8(a) Application completed and submitted to the SBA if you do not want to miss out on 8(a) Contracts this fiscal year.

Need assistance with your 8(a) Application? With 15 years and over 2,000 successful applications under our belt, we can assure you that no matter which option you choose, Cloveer will work harder and faster to get your business SBA 8a certified.  Contact us today at 813-333-5800 or visiting our website at to discover what Cloveer can do for you. We also offer these options for further assistance in completing your 8(a) Application.

Option 18(a) Application Review

  • For those who wish to complete the application on their own we offer an 8(a) Application Review service.  Here, one of our 8a program experts will review your entire application, checking it for missing documents and potential eligibility issues.  We will then advise you as to how best to modify your application to ensure it will be approved an SBA reviewer.

Option 28a Application Completion Service

  • The majority of our clients however, prefer a little more of a hands-on approach.  They recognize the expertise we have accumulated in the over 15 years we’ve been assisting clients obtain 8(a) certification, and want us to put it to use for them.  If you opt for our 8(a) Application Completion Service, we will work one-on-one with you to ensure that your 8(a) Application is 100% complete and compliant so the SBA can review and accept it the first time.

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