SBA 413 Form Guide: How to Properly Complete the SBA 413 (Personal Financial Statement) for your 8(a) Application

Our 2017 SBA 413 Form (Personal Financial Statement) Guide will assist in the preparation and 100% completion of the SBA 413 Form for your SBA 8(a) Application. This downloadable guide is $99.95. Click on the Buy Now button below to purchase the guide and download now. This guide will not only show you how to properly prepare the SBA 413 but will save you countless hours of trying to figure out how to properly complete the SBA 413 form and possible endless back and forth or long delays of the processing of your 8(a) application by the SBA. The guide includes the following information:

SBA 413 Intro

SBA 413 Form

  • What is the SBA 413 form and how to properly calculate your Adjusted Net Worth to prove the applicants meet the $250,000 Adjusted Net Worth Requirement.
  • Who needs to complete an SBA 413 form(s) within the SBA 8(a) Application and tips on whether the spouse’s Adjusted Net Worth may be counted too.
  • The exact supporting account statements you need to have in front of you to complete every area of the SBA 413 form including tips on what each statement must contain to be compliant and to how to properly name each supporting statement for upload to so the SBA can validate the values reported.
  • How to access the SBA 413 form(s) through the SBA GLS system.
  • How to properly complete every item in the SBA 413 form including every Asset, Liability and Source of Income input required so your form is completed properly to alleviate any questions by the SBA. (See Below):

Assets Section:
a. Cash on Hand and in Banks
b. Savings Accounts
c. IRA and Other Retirement Accounts (Including tips on certifying these accounts as legitimate and what other documents you need to provide other than the current statements)
d. Roth IRA Accounts
e. Accounts and Notes Receivable
f. Life Insurance – Cash Surrender Value
g. Stocks and Bonds
h. Real Estate (Including how to find the value and what exact documents you need to provide
i. Automobile Present Value (including how to find the value)
j. Other Personal Property
k. Other Assets
l. Mutual Funds
m. Applicant’s Business Equity (Including how to determine this value)
n. Equity in Other Firms

sba 413 ximg1

Example of Content in Guide

Liabilities Section:
a. Accounts Payable
b. Notes Payable to Banks and Others (What goes in this section and what does not)
c. Installment Account – Auto
d. Installment Account – Other
e. Loan on Life Insurance
f. Mortgages on Real Estate
g. Unpaid Taxes
h. Other Liabilities

sba 413 ximg2

Example of Guide Content

Income and Contingent Liabilities Section:
a. Salary
b. Net Investment Income
c. Real Estate Income
d. Other Income

sba 413 ximg3

Example of Guide Content


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