Do you qualify for the SBA 8(a) Program?

There are many eligibility criteria that a small business must meet to qualify for the SBA 8(a) Program. We have developed a free online 8(a) eligibility questionnaire that anyone can use to see if their business meets the 8(a) eligibility criteria. Screenshot 8a Program Eligibility Questionnaire

This free online 8(a) Certification Eligibility Questionnaire should generally be completed by the individual who primary 8(a) Program Eligibility will be based upon.

The questionnaire will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and as you answer most of the questions, it will automatically inform you if you have a potential eligibility issue.

If you find that you do qualify, we have three 8(a) Application Completion options:

Option 18(a) Application Review

  • For those who wish to complete the application on their own we offer an 8(a) Application Review service.  Here, one of our 8a program experts will review your entire application, checking it for missing documents and potential eligibility issues.  We will then advise you as to how best to modify your application to ensure it will be approved an SBA reviewer.

Option 28a Application Completion Service

  • The majority of our clients however, prefer a little more of a hands-on approach.  They recognize the expertise we have accumulated in the over 20 years we’ve been assisting clients obtain 8(a) certification, and want us to put it to use for them.  If you opt for our 8(a) Application Completion Service, we will work one-on-one with you to ensure that your 8(a) Application is 100% complete and compliant so the SBA can review and accept it the first time.

With 20 years and over 3,000 successful applications under our belt, we can assure you that no matter which option you choose, Cloveer will work harder and faster to get your business SBA 8a certified.  Contact us today to discover what Cloveer can do for you.

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