Top Five States with SBA 8(a) Certified Firms

Update: As of May 2014, the number has dropped to 7,277. See below for April Data. This is a drop of 23 8(a) certified participants since April.

There are 7,300 active SBA 8(a) Certified firms as of April 2014. Below is an info graphic showing the location by state and number of active SBA 8(a) Certified firms. The source of this information is the SBA Dynamic Small Business database.

8(a) Certified Firms Location infographic

8(a) Certified Firms by Location as of April 2014

The top five states with 8(a) Certified Firms are:
1. Virginia – 901
2. California – 805
3. Maryland – 697
4. Texas – 638
5. Florida – 454

The top five states or US territories with the lowest number of 8(a) Certified firms are:
1. Vermont – 2
2. U.S. Virgin Islands – 3
3. Rhode Island – 6
4. Delaware – 9
5. Maine and  North Dakota (tie) – 11

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Cloveer provides products and services on the SBA 8(a), HUBZone, 8(m) and VA VetBiz programs.


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