7 out of every 10 businesses 8(a) Applications are denied by the SBA

Don’t get denied. Make sure you fully qualify for the 8(a) Program before first!

Unfortunately, many businesses try to prepare their own 8(a) application, without some sort of outside assistance, when a quick call to Cloveer could have saved them countless hours of of wasted time they spent putting together their application and the hassle of being denied by the SBA, causing a 1 year delay for re-application.

Here are just a few of issues we see on a daily basis that applicants are not aware of:

1. The applicant firm is earning more than 70% of its revenue with one single client causing economic dependence by the SBA.

2. The applicant has ownership in another business, resulting in a less than full-time devotion to the applicant business determination by the SBA.

3. The applicant firm has a potential affiliation with another firm resulting in the SBA requiring a size determination analysis, possible resulting in the business losing their small business size status.

At Cloveer, we conduct a free detailed pre-qualification interview with all of our clients.  We ask our clients the “Killer” questions that will let them know if they have an eligibility issue, unknown to them. The fact is that there are ways around a lot of the 8(a) eligibility issues.  We advise our clients on the pros and cons to any potential 8(a) eligibility issue and tell them when there is one that has no workarounds.

As you can see from our blog and website, www.cloveer.com, we provide more information about the 8(a) Program that all of our competitors. We want you every client to learn as much information about the SBA 8(a) Program as possible since they will be the one participating and using it as one of the tools to becoming a success. The more you know, the better decisions you can make before you apply and while you are in the 8(a) Program.

For more information on the 8(a) Program, please visit us at www.cloveer.com or call us at 813-333-5800.

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