5 common hubzone eligibility questions

1. Can a startup company apply for HUBZone Certification and get Certified?

Answer: Yes. A startup company can apply for HUBZone Certification and get Certified as long as it can meet the basic eligibility requirements. You must be able to provide a current lease or rental agreement for the principal office, or a deed or rental agreement, for your primary residence, if you operate out of your residence. You must also provide a copy of the most recent (less than 30 days old) utility bill or telephone bill in the name of the business concern too for the principal office location.

2. If I don’t have commercial office space can I get HUBZone Certified?

Answer: Yes. If your principal office is located within your residence you will need to provide a copy of the deed for the property.

3. If I am the only owner and employee for the business and do not pay myself a salary, can I get HUBZone certified?

Answer: Yes. all non-paid owners who work 40 hours, a month, are considered an employee. In this case, your principal office and residence must be located in designated SBA HUBZone.

4. If I have multiple office locations, how does the SBA handle this?

Answer: You are required to have a separate Dun and Bradstreet profile for each office location where you have a lease or rental agreement. Your principal office will be determined as the office where the greatest number of employees report to. Jobsites or client sites are excluded.

5. Is there aย basic checklist of documents that I must gather for my HUBZone Application?

Answer. Yes. Download our basic checklist. This checklist may not identify everything needed by you or your business concern based upon your unique circumstances. The items in this checklist must meet certain regulatory requirements so we suggest using the checklist for gathering purposes only and not for submission.

For more information on HUBZone Certification call us at 813-333-5800 or visit http://www.cloveer.com/hubzoneapplication.html.

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