3 SBA HUBZone Application Killers

1. The firm’s Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) profile does not show the correct company name or primary/physical office address.

Your firm’s Dun and Bradstreet profile must show the exact name of your company as it is shown on your Articles of Formation (Organization or Incorporation) documents. If you operate as a sole proprietor, your Dun and Bradstreet profile should show the full name of the individual and not a dba name (Doing Business Name) or fictitious business name used.

 Additionally, your Dun and Bradstreet profile must show the correct primary/physical office address that you defined within your HUBZone application.

2. Payroll reports provided do not contain all of required information. 

Your payroll report must show all employee names, number of hours worked for that pay period, the beginning and ending date of the pay period, wages, taxes and any adjustments.  

Any employee who has been defined as one the 35% required to meet the SBA regulations must have worked a minimum of 40 hours in the month of the payroll report provided to be considered as full-time and they must appear on the payroll report covering the application date.

3. Articles of Formation (Organization or Incorporation) filed with your Secretary of State show a principal office address at some place other than what you defined in your HUBZone Application paperwork.

If you have changed your principal office address after filing your original or amended formation documents you must ensure that all filed documentation with your Secretary of State shows the principal office address that you have defined within your HUBZone Application.

These are just 3 of many HUBZone Application killers that will get your application denied. A denial of your HUBZone Application results in a minimum of 90 days day’s until you can reapply again. Submitting incorrect or inconsistent information can cause your application to be severely delayed.

If you are looking for assistance in preparing a complete and compliant HUBZone Application so it is submitted correctly and results in a successful HUBZone Certification in 90 days or less, please call us at 813-333-5800 or visit https://cloveer.com/hubzone-program-services/hubzone-application-completion-service/.

We have a 100% success rate for all HUBZone Applications prepared and submitted.

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