10 basic requirements that must be met for 8a Certification

1. All applicants must be U.S. Citizens.

2. The applicants must unconditionally own at least 51% of the business that is applying.

3. All applicants must be considered economically and socially disadvantaged.

4. All applicants and the business cannot have any unpaid federal, state or local obligations.

5. Any applicant and business that has previously participated are not eligible.

6. The business that is applying must be considered small by SBA size standards.

7. The top management position in the business must be be held by one of the applicants.

8. The top management applicant must work full-time in the business without any outside employment.

9. The business that is applying must not be classified as a broker, non-profit or be a subsidiary of another business.

10. The business that is applying must exhibit SBA Potential for Success.

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